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HNCA and Cargolux Signed Memorandum of Understanding

Release date:2015.01.22   Source:

On 22th January, HNCA and Cargolux signed Memorandum of Understanding (referred to as MOU) in Zhengzhou. On 14th January, 2014, HNCA signed Share Purchase Agreement to take 35% shares from Cargolux. Then the two parties designed Dual-Hub Development Strategy, making Zhengzhou as the logistics centre in Asian-Pacific area, Luxembourg as the logistics centre in European and American area. The air freight business goes smoothly and successfully. On 15th June, 2014, the international air freight route between Zhengzhou and Luxembourg was opened. On 20th November, 2014, the cumulative volume exceeded 10 thousand tons. As of 19th January this year, the airline had achieved 97 flights and made contribution of cargo throughput 15.8 thousand tons in this route for Zhengzhou Airport. The radiation scope of this route has covered more than 30 cities of 15 provinces in China, the goods in Europe has also been spread to Germany, England, France, Italy, Finland, Belgium and other areas, all of which symbolize that Dual-Hub has become a new platform for the middle western region of China to open to the outside world.

It is the demand of expanding worldwide horizon and achieving win-win results for the two parties to collaborate again. HNCA and Cargolux will further the development of Dual-Hub Strategy, make more efforts in the flights to Zhengzhou; build Zhengzhou Airport as a major hub of Cargolux in Asian-pacific area; accelerate the establishment of joint venture cargo airline based in Zhengzhou Airport;  set up aircraft maintenance base and cooperate in pilot training, ground logistics, cross-border e-trade and other fields. Meanwhile, the two parties will make Dual-Hub Strategy as a breakthrough to promote LuxFresh Project, expand their cooperation to international trade, strengthen the economic-cultural exchange between China and Cargolux and increase the influence of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone.

According to the MOU, in 2015, HNCA and Cargolux will accelerate their cooperative process, promote the implementation of the projects and inject dynamic for the development of economy in China and Luxembourg.


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