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Xie Fuzhan Awarded Yellow River Friendship Prize to Paul Helminger.Zhang Mingchao Expressed Warm Congratulations on Behalf of HNCA

Release date:2014.09.30   Source:


On 29th September, People’s Government of Henan Province held a reception in Yellow River Yingbin Hotel to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the P.R.C. Xie Fuzhan, the Deputy Secretary-General of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and Provincial Governor, attended the reception and made remarks. He awarded 2014 Yellow River Friendship Prize to Paul Helminger, Chairman of the board of Cargolux, and other six prize-winners. Zhang Mingchao, Chairman of HNCA, attended the reception and expressed warm congratulations to Paul Helminger on behalf of HNCA.  


Paul Helminger was listed first among all the winners of 2014 Yellow River Friendship Prize, as he made great contribution for HNCA to acquire 35% shares of Cargolux and promoted the successful operation of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg international air cargo route. The winner’s short video was showing in the meeting. Xie Fuzhan awarded prize to these winners and took photos with them.  


After expressing congratulations to Paul Helminger, Zhang Mingchao said, the cooperation between HNCA and Cargolux is successful. There have been operated 34 flights so far and the average import and export freight volume of each flight is about 90 tons. 4 Flight services will be provided per week from October and the flight number will be added up to 6 every week at the end of this year, to inject impetus for the development of Zhengzhou Freight Hub, for which Paul Helminger has made great efforts. We hope both sides could hand in hand to achieve further success for the construction of Air Silk Road from China to Europe.      


Yellow River Friendship Prize, established by Henan Provincial Government, is the highest honor awarded to international friends, foreign experts and overseas celebrities who made great contribution to the economic development and social progress of Henan. Since the honor was founded in 2000, 97 foreigners and overseas Chinese have got this prize.


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